Black MBs

The black masterbatches from our supplier Abbey Masterbatch Ltd. are characterised by their excellent quality and competitive price, making them ideal for a wide spectrum of applications.

From our supplier Plastika Kritis S.A. we obtain black masterbatches optimised for the production of film.

Both suppliers have many years of experience in developing and manufacturing polyolefin-, styrene- and polyamide-based masterbatches. Since 2002 HERAPLAST has have been the sole German distributor of black masterbatches from Abbey Masterbatch Ltd. and Plastika Kritis S.A.

Our product portfolio also includes an HAF masterbatch on a recycled carrier for colouring recycled material, thus providing an inexpensive alternative to standard black masterbatches.


Resin: PE / PP / PS / PA / UN / Recyceltes PE
Carbon black type: SRF, RCF, HAF, P, Jet Black
Application: Extr. / SG / BM / F / MFF / Recy. / Comp.