We have been developing our own colour masterbatches in our technical center since 2008 - first and foremost according to our customers’ wishes (e.g. regarding temperature resistance, light and weather fastness, UV stability etc.) Currently, we have developed over 4,000 colour formulations and annually we add at least 500 new formulations to our database.

Our staff provides quick colour matching along with specialised technical support.

Colour matching can be done on the basis of RAL, RAL Design, NCS, Pantone C, Pantone U, HKS, etc., L*a*b* values, samples (granules, film, piece, etc.).

Alternatively you can use colour codes like CMYK, RGB, HSL, HSB, HEX or HTML and we will develop the masterbatch for you.

All our colour masterbatches can be developed to be opaque or transparent/translucent. We also offer pastel hues, metallic and/or pearl effect masterbatches.

For colour matching our experienced colorist uses a modern spectrophotometer from DataColor with integrated software for colour measurement and masterbatch formulation.

Our lab is also equipped with a rolling mill, sample pressing units, injection moulding machine, blow film machine, twin-screw extruder, dryer, granulator, density meter, MFI measuring instrument, muffle furnace....

On request we can develop colours for your particular resin.