HERAPLAST products range from colour masterbatches produced on-site (1 -1,250 kg) to larger batches (from 1,250 kg – full load) produced in collaboration with our long-standing business partners.

We also trade in standard masterbatches like white, black and additives. In some cases these are stored on-site so that delivery can be effected quickly.

Filler, flame retardant masterbatches and purging granules are also available on request.

We produce and deliver the following products for the listed processing methods ubiquitous in the plastics industry:

  • Injection moulding (IM)
  • Extrusion (Extr.)
  • Recycling (Recy)
  • Blow moulding (BM)
  • Film (F)
  • Compounds (Comp.)
  • Monofilaments, filaments, fibres (MFF)
  • Deep-drawing